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About Wire-Up

Hey, I'm Gert!

As a passionate snowboarder, I have years of experience travelling and living in RVs in all seasons and weather conditions. Combining this passion with my training as an electrician, experience and many continuing education courses are the seeds of Wire-Up.

I have been living for years as an electric nomad who has gained a lot of experience living and working in these by travelling around with various motorhomes, both in hot summers and cold winters. I am quite passionate about adventure sports, such as surfing, snowboarding, split boarding, climbing, wakeboarding,.... Together with Beth, I have already travelled all over Europe in search of fun, new challenges.

Take a look at my work bus.

Working together with Wire-Up in 4 steps

1. Introduction

Tell us your dream and together we will see how we will realise it.

2. Advice and quotation

We discuss possible solutions and agree on our cooperation.

3. Technical elaboration and installation

We carefully search for the right materials and techniques and neatly finish the installation from A to Z.

4. Maintenance

Even afterwards, you can count on our service for maintenance and repairs.