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Solar panels / home batteries

With our knowledge and expertise in various solar panel and battery systems, we can also offer the perfect system for the residential market and SMEs.

In this, we differ from the big players in that we are 100 per cent committed to sustainability and quality. By fully customising and smartly designing our systems, you will always be one step ahead with a solar panel installation from Wire-Up.

We partner with REC solar panels. These have repeatedly been voted the best panels on the market and come with a 25-year guarantee. This ensures that you have a top-quality panel on your roof, ensuring optimum yield over the years.

Furthermore, we work with different types of home batteries, in which we always like to delve into the best new technologies. Thus, we also work with the salt battery, because it is 100 per cent safe and, above all, the most ecological and sustainable battery of the moment!

Due to the high demand for energy on our grid and the rapid growth of the electric car fleet, we see all kinds of efforts being made to relieve our energy grid as much as possible. As users of this grid, we can also be rewarded for this if we cooperate in this to the best of our ability! To realise this, we can install LifePowr's EMS (Energy Management System), this system ensures that you get the most out of your solar panel/home battery installation.

Off-grid / semi-grid

What is off-grid?

An off-grid electrical system is an electrical system that is completely self-sufficient and not connected to a grid.

What is semi-grid?

A semi-grid electrical system is an electrical system that CAN operate completely self-sufficiently but is still grid-connected.

Off-grid or semi-grid?

An off-grid system has the advantage that it can be used anywhere and there are no fixed costs after the system is installed. These are most commonly used in RVs/boats, a tiny house or in remote locations.

A semi-grid installation is completely the same in structure as an off-grid installation with a difference that we are still grid-connected. By building the system this way, the option to go off-grid in the future always remains open.
Provided that in many cases it is more cost-effective to remain partially grid-connected, this is often a good choice, especially with the combination of the Lifepowr system. This allows us to combine the advantages of the grid and the benefits of an off-grid system.