For our customer in Mechelen, we worked out an ecological solution using solar panels and a salt battery as a home battery. As the roof was still entirely made up of asbestos slates, these also had to be replaced. Wire-Up works together with a regular roofer for this, so that the entire job can be done in a sequential and coordinated way.

A new roof was installed where we immediately installed solar panels on both sections of the roof. This allows for a better spread of output throughout the day which will ensure a higher efficiency of our installation.

In the basement of the house, the salt battery was carefully installed in a cabinet. With a sturdy metal cabinet above it for the inverter and connection modules.

The entire installation here is also linked to a dynamic energy tariff using the Lifepowr module. This ensures optimum grid relief and a big financial advantage over conventional home batteries without a dynamic tariff.

Solar panel inverters were also placed next to the battery for optimal operation.

On top of this, a Lifepowr-Flexio was installed. This is a smart EMS (Energy Management System) that ensures that we can start maximising our energy use in the home while also doing grid relief (more information on Lifepowr).

Technical specifications:

  • Solar panels : 20 X DMEGC 400 WP
  • Inverter : Victron multiplus 48/5000
  • MPPT : 2 X Victron MPPT 250/75
  • Battery : Auton Energy salt battery
  • LifePowr Flexiobox