Our client in Kasterlee realised his dream of being completely self-sufficient.

It has its own water and electrical supply and everything is completely disconnected from the grid. Wire-Up took care of the electrical part here.

To reduce start-up costs, we chose to work with a modular system, so that we always have inverters, solar panels and
can add batteries.

We started by putting the roof, which is fully south-facing, full of solar panels. These were then connected to our solar inverter that directly charges the batteries.

Next to it hangs the large "Victron Quatro" inverter, which ensures a stable 230V voltage in the house. When the power from the solar panels is insufficient, it switches to a generator so that the house is never without power. The intention is to expand the system to the point where it will eventually no longer be needed. The option to connect the system to the grid will always remain available here, should this ever be a more interesting choice.