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Mobile home

If you have purchased a new or second-hand mobile home, sometimes the electrical installation may not meet your expectations. New sockets, lamps, a heavier inverter or a new battery can ensure that your mobile home can go on for years to come.

We innovate techniques in existing mobile homes:

  • Finding and solving electrical and technical problems
  • Upgrade from AGM to lithium battery
  • Adding or upgrading inverters
  • Repair and overhaul of electrical blocks
  • Installing solar panels
  • Detecting and solving heating problems
  • ...

For example, we replace AGM batteries with lithium batteries.

Here are the advantages of such a battery:

  • up to 5x longer service life
  • can be discharged up to 90 per cent (with a conventional lithium battery this is only 60 per cent)
  • less volume/weight per Ah (ampere/hour)
  • can handle heavier consumers