Day Tripper


Our Easy Boxes are ready-made DIY kits that power your motorhome, fully customised to your needs. The Day Tripper is the DIY kit made for people who like to take short trips or don't need that much electricity. This kit is the perfect entry-level kit that is compact enough to tuck away in an appropriate place in a small motorhome or van.

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The Day Tripper is our most basic self-assembly kit of the three.

Do you enjoy going away for the weekend in your small campervan or van and don't need that much electricity? You might just need to charge a mobile phone and a laptop to watch a movie in the evening. If you like this basic camping feeling, the Day Tripper is the kit for you. Each kit is fully customised, connected and tested with us. Feel free to contact us for more info or schedule a video call to check out the options!

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In the videos below, Gert talks more about the Day Tripper.

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This word document contains all the technical details that give more insight into the Day Tripper. Do you have any more questions? Then don't hesitate to schedule an appointment or contact us for more info.

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